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Sony RCD-W500C/W100 CD Changer Recorder with Remote, Manual, box
eBay This unit was own by a family member who passed away. He recorded many audio CDs with it. The discs that were found have very good sound and clarity. We believe that the unit works really well based on the CD recordings that ...  More

Sony RCD-W500C 5-Disc Changer CD Player Recorder
eBay Brand: Sony Model: RCD-W500C Condition: Previously owned, has some scratches/scuffs on top from moving around and storage. All buttons, ports and jacks in good condition. Product Description:Sony RCD-W500C 5-Disc Changer CD P ...  More

Sony RCD-W500C 5-Disc Changer CD Recorder Burner
eBay Used in good condition and working good too You get Sony RCD-W500C nothing else Thank you!

Sony CD Recorder Player 5 Disc Changer Copy, Dub, Record Vinyl, Cassettes To CD
eBay Sony CD Recorder Player 5 Disc Changer Copy, Dub, Record Vinyl, Cassettes To CD. System is in good working and cosmetic condition. It does have some scratches/marks throughout but nothing major (see pics). It is also missing ...  More

sony rcd-w500c cd recorder Untested Sold As Is
eBay Sony rcd-w500c. Comes with original owners manual. No additional items except for unit itself and manual. Unit powers on. All disk trays open.no further testing has been done due to only having 1 blank cd which was already in ...  More

Sony RCD-W500C Combo 5 disc CD/MP3 Player & CD Recorder
eBay Works great! Some cosmetic damage due to rack use (scrapes/etc). Missing the ams knob, but no loss of functionality (see third picture to see what I'm talking about). The RCD-W500c is a 5-disc changer and a single-disc CD-R/R ...  More

Sony CD Recorder AND 5 Disk Changer RCD-W500C

Sony RCD-W500C CD Changer/ Recorder with Remote

Sony RCD-W500C 5 Disc CD Changer Cd Recorder for parts repair

Sony Compact Disc Recorder Model RCD-W500C CD Changer NEW IN BOX




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