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Vintage Hitachi Integrated amplifier model HA-1, silver color version
ITEM DESCRIPTION: Vintage Hitachi Integrated amplifier model HA-1, silver color version Released in 1983 This unit is identical to the model HA-12 which is a black version Please check out this link for info on the Hitachi HA-1 At ...  More

HITACHI HA-12 STEREO AMPLIFIER, Please read the details of the item very carefully before committing to buying Stereo amplifier, powers up and works fully. All knobs and switches work and are in good condition, unit is in good con ...  More

HITACHI HA-1 STEREO AMPLIFIER, SPARES AND REPAIRS Please read the details of the item very carefully before committing to buying Unable to test due to power cable being cut. In good visual condition with some small marks and scuff ...  More

Vintage Hitachi Stereo Amplifier HA-12 amplifier
25 watt RMS output per channel.3 inputs: Tape, tuner and magnetic cartridge phono .net weight 8lb 4oz. Shipping weight 10lbs.Thanks for looking

Vintage Hitachi Stereo Amplifier HA-12 & AM FM Tuner FT-12 Combo Home Audio AMP
Our goal is 100% positive feedback. Contact us at 888-811-2487 with any problems so we can help! Hitachi AMP & Tuner Model: HA-12 | FT-12 Description: Vintage Hitachi Stereo Amplifier & AM/FM Tuner Combo Features: 28 watts ...  More

Hitachi AM/FM Trereo Tuner Amplifier Model HTA-25F.Working
Here is original Hitachi AM/FM stereo tuner amplifier model HTA-25F in good working condition and clean with only minor scratches.Speaker range 8 ohms to 16 ohms. 6 buttons for preset radio stations.AM and FM antennas are included ...  More

Hitachi hma120av power amplifier



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