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Sunfire Theater Grand II Pre-Amp / Processor by Carver Serviced *Damaged Cover*
This listing is for a 19" Sunfire Theater Grand II Pre-amp / Processor that has just been serviced and works perfect. Although the top cover has some dents and bends the faceplate is actually in really nice condition, all the ligh ...  More

CARVER CT-27V Audio / Video Pre-Amp / Tuner Includes orig box.
Listing this Pre-Amp Carver unit for a friend. Also, she had the matching Carver CD Changer and an Amplifier (listed in other ads here). See my other auctions. Unit for parts/not working. Does not load cd's.

Carver C-1 Preamp, M-500 Amplifier Review, 3 pg, 1982
This is a ORIGINAL Review from 1982! - It will have Specs, Commentary, A Test and Details about the product listed. Great for collectors and audiophiles! Get it before it's gone! These are vintage RARE Ads and Reviews for some of ...  More

Phase Linear 4000 Preamp Review,4 pgs,full test, Carver
The amazing and groudbreaking Phase Linear 4000! Here is the first test ever of it from 1973 by Stereo Review. It has pictures of the inside and front along with full tests of all its capabilities! A must for any owner of the Carv ...  More

Carver C-1 Preamp Spec Sheet,1 pg, Info,1987
This is a reprint of a Spec sheet from 1987. They were given to Audio stores to give to customers who were interested in Carver products. Each one is black and white and single sided. Full specs and articles about the product. Ver ...  More

043 Carver TFM-6CB Home Audio Stereo Power Amplifier Pre Amp Re Capped Working
Please view all pictures as they are considered part of the description/condition of the item. Preowned, some light wear/scuffs/marks from age/use/storage. Powers up and is completely functional. Unit was recently recapped (all ca ...  More

Carver CT-17 preamp tuner

CARVER CT-6 Sonic Holography Tuner / Preamp

Adcom amp- carver pre amp combo

Carver 4000t Preamp Spec Sheet,1 pg,Specs,1987




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