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Carver C-1 Preamp, M-500 Amplifier Review, 3 pg, 1982
This is a ORIGINAL Review from 1982! - It will have Specs, Commentary, A Test and Details about the product listed. Great for collectors and audiophiles! Get it before it's gone! These are vintage RARE Ads and Reviews for some of ...  More

Carver C-4000 Preamp Review,3 pgs, 1979, Full Test
This is a reprint of a Review from 1979! Very rare and hard to find! A piece of Audio History! I have THOUSANDS more Ads and Reviews on my Ebay Store. Email with ANY questions, THANKS! -Search for any brand you like on the left si ...  More

Carver C-1 PreAmp **One Owner**Completely Serviced**Excellent Conditipn**
FOR AUCTION:My Carver C-1 PreAmp is for sale.It was professionally serviced in August 2012 by Norbern Electronics in Colorado.A copy of the service ticket will be included.The Carver is in great cosmetic condition.Lettering is in ...  More

Carver TFM-15CB Bridgeable Power Amplifier and CT-24 Preamp/Tuner Combined
Both items are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. They were a gift to the owner, who barely used them. 15 CB Power Amp Specifications: 100 Watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms both channel driven 20-20KHz with no more th ...  More

Carver CT-17 5 Channel Pre-Amp/Processor Amplifier/Tuner Sonic Holography/Dolby
Good Condition, everything works on receiver. Comes with carver PRH-2 remote and original manual

Carver CT-26v A/V Preamplifier / Tuner Pre-Amp with Remote
Unit appears to function correctly. I connected a CD player and could only get sound from the front speakers and subwoofer connections. I may be doing something wrong. Remote is a bit sticky but seamed to get better the more I use ...  More

Carver C-1 High Performance Pre-Amp

Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube 2 Channel Pre-Amplifier by Carver w/ Remote NO Phono

Phase Linear 4000 Preamp Review,4 pgs,full test, Carver

Carver C-1 Preamp Spec Sheet,1 pg, Info,1987




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