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California Audio Technology ADA CAT MBX AMP II Power Amplifier Silver 140LBs!
For sale is the famed California Audio Technology aka CAT MBX AMP II Amplifier custom made by the ADA (Audio Design Associate). These amps were the staple of the CAT famous systems.The amp weights about 140lbs and super big and he ...  More

ADA audio design associates ISO-2
ISO-2 Line-Level Isolation Amplifier. http://www.ada.net/products/bb/iso_2.php

Audio Design Associates (ADA) Trinity Tuner, good condition audiophile equipment
You are bidding on an Audio Design Associates (ADA) Trinity Tuner. Single owner. Purchased circa 2000 (MSRF $2,499) and installed by dealer directly into rack. Recently removed from a functioning environment. Pictures show it stil ...  More

Audio Design Associates (ADA) Cinema Reference Pre/Pro
You are bidding on an Audio Design Associates (ADA) Cinema Reference Pre/Pro. Single owner. Purchased circa 2000 (MSRP $8,000) and installed by dealer directly into rack. Kept behind closet doors with proper power and cooling. Rec ...  More

ADA Trinity Triple Tuner
The Trinity Triple Tuner is designed specifically for multi-room systems. Featuring three independent tuner modules, the Trinity is capable of playing as many as three FM radio stations, simultaneously, in different rooms of your ...  More

lot of (10) Ross Gear ADA 8501 Reclocking Distribution Amp cards usz
We are a committed eBay seller offering IT equipment at competitive prices. We want to work hard to gain your trust and satisfaction. We will stand behind any equipment we sell. We take the time to make sure any equipment we list ...  More

Audio Design Associates ADA Suite 8200 Eight Zone Amplifier Receiver Dual Tuners

ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach II DTS THX Select Series Pre-Amplifier

ADA Millennium & VSU-8 Multiroom System w/ WH-8000 Wire Harness

ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach II DTS/THX Pre-amplifier




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