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ADA SUITE 8 Room Preamp
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS FROM ADA BELOW: The Suite 8x8 is specifically designed as an eight-room/zone multi-room preamplifier and is not expandable. For larger projects requiring more zones, ADA recommend the Suite 1 ...  More

ADA - Audio Design Associates - PF-2501 2-channel amplifier - 250 watts x 2
Note: I had 3 of these amplifiers. One sold last week here on e-bay. This listing is for the 2nd one. This is an incredible amp which used to cost close to $4,000 when new. ADA is sold to high-end custom home theater installers on ...  More

ADA Audio Design Associates SUITE 8x8 Multi-room Preamp
Multi-Room AV Suite 8x8 Luxury 8 Source/8 Zone System This unit was removed from a working installation and can been seen in the photos in a powered on condition. Guaranteed to be functioning on arrival at your location. Includes ...  More

ADA PTM-6150....6 Channel Amp -
Home Theater Up for auction is a PTM-6150 6 Channel - 3 Zone Luxury Power Amplifier. This amp is in perfect working condition and powered my Bose 901's perfectly. One of the top of the line amps which delivers clear, crisp and pow ...  More

ADA PTM - 1645 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Great sounding ADA American made 8 zone/16 channel high current power amplifier Sold for $3,500 new. Comes with heavy duty power cord. PTM-1645 16 Channel 8 Zone Superior Power Amplifier For a high resolution product shot, click o ...  More

Audio Design Associates ADA Cinema Rhapsody Pre Amp Controller Mirror Chrome!
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of equipment from ADA. The original price was about $3.500.00! I know a lot of sellers always write, "this is really rare," but this IS really rare because it has an exquisite mirror finish. Th ...  More

ADA Audio Design Associates Power Amp PTM-6150 PTM 6150 Rare Mirror Chrome!

ADA 6 Channel Amp - $999

Audio Design Associates ADA IRL-5000 & WH-3000 IR Component Controller & Wiring

ADA Audio Design Associates - OMEGA CR-8A Stereo Amplifier




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