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AKAI CS-34D Toploader Vintage Cassette Deck - Clean w/Orig Box!
We Buy, Sell, and Trade Music & Audio Gear and Apple Macs! Please read Terms of Sale below before bidding.This will answer most of your questions... This is a classic vintage 70's era table top cassette deck! Complete features ...  More

AKAI GXC-730D Cassette Deck / Powers Up & Excellent Cosmetics / Repairs needed
AKAI GXC-730D Cassette Deck Details: The deck looks great! It is very clean - in and out. The case has some minor scratches and scrapes - see photos. Owner's Manual: No Original box: No Powers on Both meters light up brightly and ...  More

Carlibation/Reference tape for cassette decks as AKAI TEAC SONY REVOX and others
For sale is one new Recorded tapedeck calibartion test tape The tape is Recorded without any noise reduktion on normal position tape ( Fe ) The calibration tape is intended to be used for playback level reference adjustment and Az ...  More

Deck powers up and is stuck on the record function, tape counter and tape motor are running, which I am unable to de-activate. The tape path/heads/Roller are in the up position, which I am unable to de-activate. This issue doesn't ...  More

Vintage 1972 Akai GXC-46 Cassette Player / Recorder - RARE MODEL
Vintage 1972 Akai GXC-46 Cassette Player / Recorder - RARE MODEL Vintage 1972 AKAI Model GXC-46 Cassette Player / Recorder - RARE MODEL - Note: This is the harder-to-find GXC-46 model, not the more common GXC-46D variant. Includes ...  More

AKAI GX-M30 === Two-Head Single Tape Stereo Deck / Dolby-B Noise (Made In Japan)
AKAI TWO HEAD/DOLBY-B REDUCTION SINGLE TAPE STEREO CASSETTE DECK Model GX-M30 ============================== This Akai single stereo cassette deck comes from an adult owner, child-less, smoke-less environment ===================== ...  More

knobs for Akai GX-F37 cassette deck, buy each for a reasonable price

A&D GX-Z7100EV aka Akai GX-75 MkII 3-Head Stereo Cassette Deck Japanese Version

A&D GX-Z7100EV 3-Head Stereo Cassette Deck 100V Japanese Version

The Best 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Akai Cassette Tape Decks!!!




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