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Perreaux 6100 6 channel power amplifer
120 watts per channel times 6 channel amplifer HIGHPERFORMANCESTEREO.COM We are available 7 days at (888)850-4366. Please phone for an appointment if you wish to visit our showroom at the ocean in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. W ...  More

Perreaux DP32 DAC pre amp
Here I have the award winning Perreaux DP32 DAC and pre-amplifier, please google as there are many reviews outlining its sonic capabilities. In unmarked cosmetic condition and in perfect working order (can be auditioned by prior a ...  More

Perreaux 3150 Power MOS FET Stereo Amplifier 2x300wpc made in New Zealand
Perreaux 3150 Power MOS FET Stereo Amplifier 2x300wpc New Zealand Made in New Zealand Rated power 300wpc into 8 ohms Obtained at an estate sale. The amp was powered up in a home stereo system using a preamp and CD input sound sour ...  More



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