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Perreaux 3000b dual channel amplifier MosFet Ultr-Low distortion Amplifier
This is an excellent amplifier for the studio. It has been racked in the studio its entire life. This is a pretty rare amp to find these days. Specifications: Power Output 170Wrms per channel continuous both channels driven into 8 ...  More

Vintage Perreaux Power Amplifier
This is a used One owner unit with Installation manual.. Unit was hooked up and works before listing on EBay. ALL SHIPPING, PACKAGING and INSURANCE will be added to unit price . Any damaged to unit in transit will be dealt with in ...  More

Perreaux PMF 1850 Stereo Amplifier
Perreaux Stereo Amplifier, excellent working condition. I bought this 10 years ago and it still sounds as sweet as the day I bought it. It has a nice rich sound and will power any of your loudspeakers. Specifications: Power Output ...  More

Perreaux Of New Zealand SM2 Pre-Amp Tested and Technician Cleaned. Nice!
If you have landed here you are obviously a serious Audiophile and can appreciate quality made equipment. Here is the Perreaux SM2. In nice shape. No damage to front panel. It was tested with the Sonance Sonamp 260 we have for sal ...  More

Perreaux 3150 Power MOS FET Stereo Amplifier 2x300wpc made in New Zealand
Perreaux 3150 Power MOS FET Stereo Amplifier 2x300wpc New Zealand Made in New Zealand Rated power 300wpc into 8 ohms Obtained at an estate sale. The amp was powered up in a home stereo system using a preamp and CD input sound sour ...  More

Perreaux PMF2350 Stereo Amplifier Esoteric 200 WRMS@8ohms
High end sound quality amplifier. Designed for clean natural uncolored sound with lots of depth, detail and sound stage! You will love the sound and power. Able to drive ANY loudspeaker on the market, including low impedance model ...  More

Vintage Perreaux PMF 1150B Dual Channel Power Amplifier



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