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Trio (Kenwood) Universal Headshell (11.9 grams)
ONE Trio (Kenwood) Universal Headshell is for sale. The details are as follow : - 11.2 grams in weight - Best match with most Vintage Tonearm, such as Audio Technica, SAEC, Denon, Fidelity Reaserch, Audiocraft, Sumiko, Koetsu, SME ...  More

Vintage Kenwood KD64F Linear Tracking Turntable! Works great
Powers on and works great. Everything is in great condition except that the plastic cover has scratches. Does NOT come with powercord.

Trio (Kenwood) DS-20 Record Stabilizer for L-07D Turntable
ONE RARE Trio (Kenwood) DS-20 Turntable Stabilizer for L-07D Turntable is for sale. This is one of the Vinyl fans dream accessories produced by Trio (Kenwood). The details are as follow : - 600gram in weight - Best match with Trio ...  More

Kenwood KP-5022 Direct Drive Turntable
Kenwood KP-5022 turntable with cover and with direct drive. Purchased in 1971 in Japan. Excellent condition.

Vintage Kenwood KD-291R Auto Return Turntable record player LP album
VINTAGE ITEM FOR PART OR REPAIR,,, keep that in your mind if you buy it from local state auction the sound comes from a speaker NOT LOUD i do know why so sold as is my boombox stereo does not include with this transaction you are ...  More

Kenwood KR 9600 LED & Sockets Function & Speaker Lamps 9PC. Tested Read Below***
Hi, up for sale Kenwood KR 9600 LED's and sockets Function & Speaker lamps. Replaces Speaker A,B,C. AM,FM, Phono 1,Phono 2, AUX, and Stereo Lamps. Lamps look yellow and glow white. 9 piece kit. Tested. Sold as is. No returns a ...  More

Kenwood N77 Compatible Turntable Stylus - Stanfield Part # D1308SR

The VERY BEST 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Kenwood Turntables!!!

Kenwood KD-74F Turntable Platter And Cover

Dust Cover For Kenwood KD Turntables




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