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Kenwood KD 22RB Belt Drive Auto Turntable Powers On AS-IS for Parts or Repair
For sale as is, parts or repair. Kenwood KD-22RB.The rubber belt disintegrated, but the unit does power on. I don't know the condition of the needle or cartridge.No dust cover.Thanks!

KENWOOD KP-7010 Auto Lift Working Properly Turntables Record Player F/S
Template ams_red KENWOOD KP-7010 Auto Lift Working Properly Turntables Record Player Hi there, Thank you very much for interested my items. Following descriptions are using translator to translate Japanese to English, so there mig ...  More

Kenwood N39/II Turntable Stylus Stanfield Part # D6450SR
SquareTrade AP6.0 Kenwood N39/II Compatible Turntable Stylus. Stanfield Part No. D6450SR. Similar to Stanfield D523, D1056SR, Goldring D645, Soundring D632.Conical diamond stylus. Usually black.Fits Kenwood Trio N39/II, V39/II, KD ...  More

Kenwood KD 3055 Turntable Motor!! For Belt Drive Turntable !!
Hello, I am selling my Kenwood KD 3055 Turntable Kenwood KD 3055 Turntable Motor!! For Belt Drive Turntable!!! Pulled from working Table!!! This is in as pictured physical condition! As you can see in the pictures, I added the zoo ...  More

Trio (Kenwood) DS-20 Record Stabilizer for L-07D Turntable
ONE RARE Trio (Kenwood) DS-20 Turntable Stabilizer for L-07D Turntable is for sale. This is one of the Vinyl fans dream accessories produced by Trio (Kenwood). The details are as follow : - 600gram in weight - Best match with Trio ...  More

Kenwood Automatic Return Belt-Drive Turntable KD-291R - One Owner Free Shipping
Excellent condition. Works beautifully. Reliable turntable. Dust cover intact (which is rare). Easy to operate. Has right and left phono outputs. Needle in excellent condition too. One owner and kept very well over the years. Any ...  More

Kenwood KR 9600 Original Used Function & Speaker Lamps & Sockets 9PC. Tested ***

Kenwood KR 9600 AM/FM Dial Scale Replacement LEDs & Sockets. 6 PC. Tested. ***

Kenwood KR 9600 LED & Sockets Function & Speaker Lamps 9PC. Tested Read Below***

Trio (Kenwood) TS-10 Ceramic Turntable Mat




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