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YAQIN MC-50L KT88x4 ultra-linear push-pull Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier
Technical Specifications: Output Power 60W +60W(6) Distortion 1.7%(When 30W) Frequency Response 6Hz70kHz(-2dB) SNR 93dB(A) Input Sensitivity 0.25V Load Impedance 4 - 8 Tubes KT88(6550) 4 12AT7 2 12AU7 2 Input Power 110V-240V AVAIL ...  More

YAQIN DAC-K9 D/A Converter Vacuum Valve Tube Output HIFI DAC decoder
Features High 24 Bit / 192 kHz specification optical, RCA coaxial digital audio interface High 16 Bit / 48kHz USB 1.1 high-speed interface specification USB support ASIO playback Switch selectable high-performance op amp output or ...  More

Yaqin MS-110B KT88 tube amplifier switch Pure power amp or integrated amp
Features: Power tubes use the latest improved KT88-98 and strong output push-pull circuit. Preamplifier part is as "SRPP" circuit and excellent "long tail" type inverter circuit. So that a wider frequency response and better sound ...  More

YAQIN MC-84L Class A Push Pull Integrated Tube Amplifier with headphone output
Parameters : Output Power : 12W +12W (4-8) Harmonic Distortion : 1.5% SNR : 78dB (A -weighted ) Frequency Response : 6Hz - 60KHz ( by international measurement method ) Input signal level : 300mV Load Impedance : 4 - 8 Maximum pow ...  More

YAQIN MS-33B MC/MM 12AX7 12AU7 Vacuum Tube RIAA Pre-Amplifier for Turntable 23B
2016081417585380228 2016081417585380228 FREE AIR-MAIL DESCRIPTION PAYMENT SHIPPING RETURN POLICY CONTACT US YAQIN MS-33B MC/MM 12AX7 12AU7 Vacuum Tube RIAA Pre-Amplifier Item Specifics Brand : YAQIN Type : Pre-Amp/Processor Input ...  More

YAQIN T-6P3P tube amp 6P3P Integrated Tube Amplifier With Headphone output
Features: Use 6N2 to the pre-amps parts Use 6p3p to the power amps parts Headphone output jack on the front panel; Has Triode/Pentode conversion function, to provide users with two different sound to enjoy music JAPAN 0.35mm Outpu ...  More

YAQIN MS-2A3 Class A PUSH PULL INTEGRATED Tube AMPLIFIER with headphone output


YAQIN MS-30L EL34 Push-Pull Tube STERE Integrated Amplifier 2016 New Circuit U

YAQIN MS-30L SV EL34 Push-Pull Tube STERE Integrated Amplifier 2016 New Circuit




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