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Yaqin (Yakin) Cd3 6N8P Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processornew
Yaqin (Yakin) Cd3 6N8P Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor Description Features Of This Product: This Product Is An Electron Tube Cathode Output Processor, Is Excellent 6N8P Twin Triode Parallel Cathode Output Employin ...  More

YAQIN MS-23B Stereo Tube Phono Stage
YAQIN MS-23B Stereo Vacuum Tube Phono Stage Tested, Adjusted, Warranty in Canada, and Ship from Canada Specifications Tubes: 12AX7B 2 (Voltage preamplifier) Output Voltages: 0.5V (400Hz input) Output Jacks: One group of gold plate ...  More

YAQIN MS-12B Tube PreAmplifier/RIAA MS12B Brand New
YAQIN MS-12B Stereo Tube Preamplifier and Phono Stage Features Description: 1.Ability to use with CD/DVD player as a preamplifier and with MM cartridge turntable as a phono stage; 2.Dual stereo outputs either 0.7V for a post stage ...  More

YAQIN MC-6P1P Vacuum Tube Hi-end Integrated Headphone Amplifier EXP VERSION US
FREE AIR-MAIL DESCRIPTION PAYMENT SHIPPING RETURN POLICY CONTACT US YAQIN MC-6P1P Integrated Headphone Amplifier EXPORT VERSION The significant advantage of the tube amplifier is: unparalleled sound effects, soft, beautiful, natur ...  More

YAQIN CD3 6N8P/6SN7 Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Proc... 2 Day Shipping
YAQIN CD3 6N8P/6SN7 Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor Fast 2Day Shipping Great Customer Support 100%Satisfaction Guaranteed DESCRIPTION Technical Specifications Tubes:6N8P/6SN72 Output Jacks: Two channels with two go ...  More

Yaqin MS-110B KT88 tube amplifier switch Pure power amp or integrated amp
Features: Power tubes use the latest improved KT88-98 and strong output push-pull circuit. Preamplifier part is as "SRPP" circuit and excellent "long tail" type inverter circuit. So that a wider frequency response and better sound ...  More

YAQIN SD-CD3 6N8P Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor

YAQIN MC-84L Vacuum Tube Integrated/Headphone Amplifier

YAQIN MC-6P1P Vacuum Tube amplifier Hi-end Integrated Amplifier

YAQIN SD-CD3 Stereo Audio Processor (Tube Buffer)




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